Meditation Techniques

There are many different techniques used during meditation, and different techniques can be used for various desired outcomes. There are also many different types of meditation which use a variety of techniques. Sometimes concepts that appear to be complex, are often very simple. Here are a few techniques you want to use to meditate.

  • You may choose to find some nice music that you would like to use during your meditations.
  • Find a posture that works for you and is comfortable for you to hold for a long period of time.
  • Consciously focus on your breath.
  • Relax your body
  • Clear your mind.

Even if you meditate for only ten minutes a day, you may notice positive changes to your well being.  Regular meditation can bring you several health benefits~ lower stress and anxiety,  boost your immune system so you get sick less often, sleep better at night, have mental clarity, balance emotions, bring a sense of peace and bliss, increase intuition, help fight addictions, increase your lifespan, and so much more. Regular meditation also helps students focus better in class, get better grades, and reduce negative behavior patterns.


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